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Pass or Shot is a group of four friends who have played netball and love having fun and thought that it would be a great idea to combine the two.


The Pass or Shot Girls have all known each other for over twenty years as friends and as team mates playing in leagues in Surrey, Kent and East London. So between us there is over 40 years of netball knowledge as players, umpires and coaches and we are all registered with England Netball.


Pass or Shot know that netball is a fast and exciting sport, as we live and breathe it each week. So we know that it is not only great fun for players but promotes healthy lifestyles too. You all know that netball in London is growing, and we would like to provide tournaments and events for teams and players of all abilities and from all walks of life.


Pass or Shot have all, in one way or another, taken part in social netball leagues and hope to bring something different to the ladies (and men) who want to take part in a fun, friendly & inclusive events.


We intend to hold regular tournaments and have fun activities for you and your families. As we understand that netball isn't just about netball.  We want to make an enjoyable social event for everyone, so we will be talking to you to get your views and opinions on ways to make Pass or Shot as good as it can be.


Netball Coaching

Pass or Shot will be offering coaching sessions too. These sessions are available for teams and individual players who want to improve game play, especially playing together as a team and positioning on the court.


We hope you like what you have read and are ready and willing to sign up with us. Please send an email to or call/text to 07513 114097 for more information.


Yours in netball fun!



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If you have any queries or wish to book a coaching / taster session, please contact us via email:


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